Malikaat is a brand that focuses on promoting women empowerment, culture, inclusivity and love. Created by established social media influencer and international award winning makeup artist Nadiya Abdullah infamously known as Nadoosh.


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"I have always loved how special and unique our middle eastern culture is infused and expressed through many styles and fashion statements. The kaftans, Abayas and all other forms of dress. I wanted to create something that celebrates the culture but still be very practical, chic and modern for everyday's girls and women all over the world to feel empowered and look their best."



"Malikaat represents power, vulnerability, elegance and drive. All the elements that I feel are in strong women around me and women I meet every day in my personal and professional life. I've been brought up and raised seeing my mother and sisters, and how each one of them was able to go through life with stride, pride and also elegance, just like Queens. From there, from that inspiration, Malikaat came to life."



"What I hope to achieve with Malikaat is good feel and inclusivity. I want my ladies to feel confident, happy and motivated when they wear Malikaat. Every piece of design has a personal touch from me but also in mind all women of all walks of life, races, ethnicity and religions. We are one and we are meant to uplift each other. I hope Malikaat brings out the queen that every woman has living within her."


I hope you find a style and a statement that represents who you are in Malikaat by Nadoosh, and makes you feel special and look your best."